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SpeakBlast is a telephony service that gives individuals and businesses the ability to easily and affordably do group calling, automated API calling with text-to-speech, inbound and outbound scripted IVR, audio blog posting, facebook audio posts, and much more.

How to Use SpeakBlast

Sending a message to a group of people:
[You Call Us] [Record a Message] [Pick a Group] [We Call Everyone in that Group and Play the Message]

Sending a custom message to one person:
[Customer says they lost password] [Your program hits our API with a Phone# and a New Password] [We Call And Read the New Password]

Collect Survey Info In Any Call

Every message you send can, optionally, collect information.
[Press 1 for Yes, Press 2 for No] [You hear a summary of results in real time] [You get an email with the survey results]

Scripted Templates

We make it ridiculously easy for you to build your own interactive voice response menus. You can upload voice files, or have our speech engine read them for you. Everything is programmable using our built-in Telephony Scripting Language.

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